Thursday, December 1, 2011

Renault Frendzy concept at Frankfurt Show

Have you heard about a dual purpose car? A dual-purpose and all-electric Renault Frendzy works efficiently both on fully functional work and personal family vehicle. This new model was evaluated at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show.

Renault Frendzy concept will be a very interesting vehicle at Frankfurt Auto Show. This 100% electric vehicle has split personality and features that can make it a dedicated work type vehicle during the weekdays, and a family vehicle on weekends. Another good feature of this vehicle is the 37-inch widescreen monitor that information to outside passersby.

Renault Frendzy model is highly compatible with BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. The PlayBook will be plugged in to the center console of the Frendzy and integrate to its environment which means that it will take the color scheme of Frendzy’s interior. It can also take inventory of packages kept in the cargo area and even track their destinations with RFID chips if being used as a delivery type of vehicle. These chips will help driver calculate the best and most efficient delivery route. In addition, when the car is used as a family vehicle, the whole color of the interior will change to warm orange color to evoke the thoughts of camping. 

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