Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Volkswagen Beetle

As we can see, the new 2012 Volkswagen Beetle has grown a bit. It’s longer and wider than its predecessor. The rounded shape has changed into a slightly angular shape. The hood and roofline became flattened with a sharpened angle where the windshield meets the roof. 

The round headlights remain across the front end of this model but LEDs have been added to give it a modern look.  Across the backend, a new set of taillights has changed and it offers a completely different layout from the rear lights on the outgoing models.

VW motors claims that the 2012 VW Beetle exterior design was based on VW Bug. This car also offers rounding all over the car, from wheel flares to overall form of the car. Drivetrain is also limited but the customers should not worry since we can expect 200hp from this model.

The price of this car will start at $18,995 and will share drivetrains with the Golf and Jetta: a 2.5L 170hp inline 5-cylinder for the base model, and a 2.0 200hp turbocharged 4-cylinder for the TSI sports version. Economy-conscious buyers should wait for the 2012 diesel Beetle. 

This will be launch at Shanghai and probably on Geneva Auto Show. You’ll be amazed with the new features of vw parts.