Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to replace WIPER MOTOR?

It’s not hard to maintain windshield wiper motor, so you don’t put a lot of effort and money for the maintenance.  But of course, like some other parts, you still need to replace it. Replacing wiper motor is easy especially when you have the right tools to use to consider also your safety. Windshield wiper motors is proficient of overcoming the binding effect of ice on the wiper blades.

The first thing to do is to locate first the windshield wiper motor. Its located to the firewall between the engine and driving compartment. If you can’t find it, check the service manual for your year and model vehicle.
Next, used a fused jumper wire to bypass the motor relay once you located the wiper motor. Use a service manual to find the motor relay. clip one side to the positive battery and touch the other end to positive of the wiper motor. If the motor works and arms move, change the relay.

Next, Use the positive lead on your jumper wire to touch the positive terminal on the relay. If the motor works, you need to check the gear mechanism inside the motor assembly. If it does not work, continue with the removal and replacement procedures that follow.

Next, locate the grounding strap. One end of the grounding strap is secured to the motor case with a bolt or screw. The opposite end is secured to one of the wiper motor mount bolts. Once you have located it, remove the mount bolt it is grounded to using your open-end box-end wrench or ratchet set. Move the ground strap out of the way so it does not get stretched or damaged.

Next, remove all other mount bolts. Then gently pull the washer motor away from the mount and remove from the engine compartment.

Then, Line up the mount holes on your new washer motor with the mount bolts on the firewall. Push the motor onto the mount bolts and secure in place with the mounting nuts. Tighten nuts in a star pattern so the washer motor is flush against the firewall. Reinstall the wiper motor grounding strap.

And Lastly, Use your fused jumper wire to test the new motor's operation. The motor should turn freely. If not, the new part is defective. Return it to the vendor you bought it from and get a new one. Disconnect the jumper wire leads. Install the connector to the relay. Check motor operation from the switches on the driver's console.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Acura ILX Sedan

The purpose of this Acura ILX Concept is to help the Japanese automaker compete in the category of luxury sedan. While the details are short right now, we can assume that ILB will offer a fresh look of luxury sedan. This model is expected to attract new buyers to purchase a Japanese luxury brand. The starting price of this model is around $30,000 and below which makes the affordable compared to other Acura models.

According to Jeff Conrad, VP and Gen. Manager of Acura sales and service, “Acura has a steady cadence of exciting new models coming to market and it will all begin in Detroit”.  "From the all-new Acura ILX at the gateway of the lineup to the pinnacle of performance with the Acura NSX Concept, Acura vehicles are being created for luxury customers who aspire to the highest levels of quality and value, with beautiful styling and the right balance of technology, performance and environmental responsibility."

The new Acura ILX concept will include three drivetrains at lunch. This includes the gas-electric hybrid which is based on Honda Civic Hybrid with the following features: 1.5L 4-cylinder packing 110hp and 127lb-ft of torque. These features will make this Acura model, one of the most fuel efficient Acura ever offered in the US.

Renault Megane RS

The Renault Megane RS is the upgraded version of Renault hatchback. It is a high-performance vehicle which gets even hotter with the launch of Trophy.

The Renault Megane RS Trophy will only have 500 units for the meantime. It is powered by a 2.0L turbocharged 4cyl making 265hp and 265 ft-lbs of torque, which is a bit higher than the previous Megane RS.

The exra horsepower gained by this model is the result of turning up the turbo boost to 36psi together with the limited-slip differential and suspension setup from Megane RS Cup Edition. In addition to the turbo boost adjustment, the wheels were changed to a bigger 19” and grippier Birdgestone RE050A tires.

The Renault Megane RS Trophy is expected to set a 0-60 time under 60 seconds and a top speed up to 160mph.

If we’re going to compare the Trophy from other Megane, you will notice the black roof panel, special Trophy badging, changes in rear fascia like the more aggressive lip spoiler, and the wheels red accent around the outer circumference of the rim.

Another major changes is the Trophy is the set of Recaro seats which records various performance statistics and mechanical parameters of the car like the turbo boost, oil temperature, during track session.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kia 2nd Generation cee’d

Kia is about to launch its new cee’d which longer and wider compared to the previous one while still having the same long wheelbase. This model will add up to the previously launched Kia Forte. Kia plans to sell the cee’d and Forte in different markets except in Russia for some reason.

The steeply raked A-pillar and low belt-line in the front and lengthened side windows is the coupe-like proportion feature of this model. Its simplicity extends to the front of the new cee’d which is dominated by the latest interpretation of Kia’s trademark, the “tiger-nose” grille and aggressive wraparound headlamp clusters.

Here are the additional features:

The front and rear wings emphasize solid stance and wide track capability. On top of the strongly sculpted door surface, the steeply raked A-pillar, integral rear spoiler, sweeping roofline that accentuate the sporting aesthetics of the new model’s generous glasshouse.

When it comes to exterior, it is accented by many small but highly significant detail touches which add prestige and premium feel of the new cee’d. This added feature does not affect the overall design.

Another additional feature includes the new, and more sophisticated Kia badge, the indicator blade in the front headlamps, Kia-signature windscreen head castellations, chrome side glazing, aerodynamic shaping of the tail lamp which extends into adjacent bodywork.

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2012 Audi R8 GT Spyder

The new 2012 Audi R8 GT Spyder is one of those impressive vehicle made. It is lighter and more powerful compared to its predecessors. It has a 5.2-liter direct injection V10 which produces 560 hp. It can take you from 0 – 60 mph in 3.8 seconds on your way up to 197mph, thanks to lighter and heightened performance engine.  Normally, mileage matters a bit when considering a car model.  The good this about this one is the better mileage it offers.

The R8 GT Spyder managed to take 187.39lbs off the R8 GT Spyder’s curb weight. In order to reach this feature, Audi used an ultra-light magnesium frame and carbon fiber-reinforced polymer(CFRP) for the soft-top compartment cover and rear side panels. Another used of the CFRP is the fixed rear spoiler that adds downforce to rear axle.

One of the best features of Audi R8 GT Spyder is the extreme lateral acceleration and unequaled responsiveness.  The acceleration and responsiveness is the result of using a stiffly calibrated sport suspension and ten millimeter lower stance. Audi has also created a feature called Quattro all-wheel drive system that hugs the road with 19-inch wheels while ventilated and cross-drilled rotors enable quick, crisp braking.

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