Monday, March 19, 2012

2012 Honda CRV

Another great new from Honda, They upgraded again their Honda CRV. Honda has the smallest SUV and it is the Honda CRV. The engine and transmission are complete hold-over from its previous generation. Honda is making more efficient engines by being environmentally friendly.

Is it a positive move for Honda, they upgrade the car and put Bluetooth phone system that can receive text messages, the only problem is text message integration only works with a few phones. They also put Pandora integration with the stereo, And colorful LCD at the dashboard. They also got the idea on their fit; they make a fold flat rear seat system into their crv that works at the pull of a lever. 

Honda CRV 2012 is very practical and easy to drive; it shows off a few tech highlights, but mostly content to rest on its laurel. Honda CRV is an excellent example of a modern car. Although it’s an SUV, it’s not like a truck or a jeep. It’s all wheel drive and decent that makes it suitable for snow and slight off road conditions. Honda CRV has an upgraded version of navigation system. It really shows useful information.

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Gas tank problem

Some of the problem with gas tank is the overall construction of it. These over sized liquid container are more complicated than most people realize. And where the gas tank doesn’t accept gas fast enough and pump nozzle turns off while filling it. Sometimes we think that we don’t have to worry about our gas tank. And in most cases they consider it safe because this car part is well constructed and engineered for the safety and great performance. One of the biggest car manufacturers announced that they are going to change or replace their gas tank retaining strap on their following trucks because of heavy rusting. They don’t want the place of the gas tank especially when the vehicle is on the road and it is the one that is starting to hit the road. Though I haven’t heard of any accident about it it’s still for the safety of the passengers and the driver. Sometimes gas tank problems are self inflicted. Like over powering gas smell. You can call your local dealer about it and ask them if your vehicle is included in the gas tank strap recall.


Suzuki is one of the best car manufacturers. They are not just making or producing cars but also motorcycle. People love to have a ride, and they choose Suzuki cars or motorcycle. Suzuki cars and motorcycles are very affordable and have a great performance. Suzuki parts are easy to find, has a good quality and really last long. They make sure that people will have a good review on their vehicles, and when it comes to motorcycles, Suzuki is the number one maker. Suzuki vehicles has everything that we need, they are producing cars that is environmentally friendly. That’s why a lot of people choose to have Suzuki because they are not just after the money that they can get when someone purchased a car but they also want to help our environment especially now that the world is being polluted and the climate changed. I’m happy that Suzuki made a nice car before and still going to make and produce great cars in the near future. I hope that all the car manufacturers are like Suzuki or if not at least they will be environmentally friendly.

Saab Parts

Many people are talking about the bankruptcy of saab.  That’s why saab now has some contract in their engine with some other car manufacturers. But Saab Parts has a good quality and maybe the reason behind the bankruptcy is the low sales of their vehicle. I don’t know if they’re still making or producing saab cars now a days, but I know that they are still making parts for it because of the few saab owners. Saab really make a nice car and great performance but it’s expensive people can’t afford it.  And also the saab parts as well. Aside from the prices, saab parts are hard to find. Some saab owners buying used parts for their cars. And some of them just stock their cars into the garage and just leave it vintage and hoping that vintage collectors will buy it. I previously own a saab, and I already part it out and sell the parts, then the body of the car was just stocked at my garage. For some purposes Im also waiting for a vintage car collector and sell it.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rover Parts

The reason why land rover owners choose to have or buy a used part is because Rover Parts are expensive and there are some parts that are hard to find. Some of the online store has rover parts but not all the parts are available. When buying rover parts, you really need to have the parts number so it would be easy for you to find it. Some of the online store that I know has rover parts but they are not giving discount on it because they only have limited stock. Even the dealers find it hard to get parts from the manufacturers. But still there are lots of people who still want to have or to buy a Land rover. It’s because it has an elegant design in and out, smooth drive and great performance. If I just only have money for it, I’ll also choose to have a rover, and I will put a lot of accessories in to it and upgrade some parts for its perfect performance.

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Volkswagen Parts

We all know that Volkswagen is one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world and they are still producing cars until now. But they don’t fail their customers to provide good and high quality Volkswagen Parts. They even get better in producing nice cars, and they upgrade some of their old cars like beetle. So people still choose to buy a Volkswagen because of its very unique design, interior and exterior and it perfectly fit what people want. There are some people collecting vintage car, and they find it hard to drive, it’s because of uncomfortable, sometimes it has leak and smell. But they still love their vintage volks car. Volkswagen beetle car is considered as an art car. Because it won a lot of car shows in the world wherever you are. You can put a lot of accessories into it and design it whatever you want. Because of being a small car, you can design and paint it easily. You can put a lot of style whatever you want. And the good thing is you will not waste a lot of money because Volkswagen parts are very affordable and easy to find.

Jaguar Parts

Jaguar owners choose to buy used parts than a brand new one.  They find it cheap than a new one, but they didn’t know that they can also find cheap Jaguar Parts online? There are some online store that gives discounts in some parts and sometimes the most expensive parts are also discounted. You just need to find an online store and search. You can also check it into some jaguar forums or jaguar blogs and ask the members if they know trusted online store.  It’s not hard to find jaguar parts, we can find and buy it anywhere, and the only problem is the price. Some of the online store that is not giving any discounts has very pricey parts.  But the good thing is Jaguar Parts are all good and high quality. So it’s still worth it if you bought it expensive. There are also jaguar accessories available in the market at very affordable prices. With a bit of little browsing and research done online, you can find a wide range of info on where you'll get new and as well used parts that happen to be of proper quality at really reasonable prices.