Friday, January 20, 2012

2012 Honda Civic

The new 2012 Honda Civic is the 9th generation of Civic. This model was able to reach sales of 8.8 million units in the United States in 2010 since its launch as a 1973 model. With this, Honda was able to deliver the expected quality and performance from a classic, compact sedan.

In the automotive history, the Honda Civic is known for being a fun-to-drive compact that is fuel efficient, sporty, and durable. The Japanese manufacturer wants to add a stylish look in this model but so far, aesthetics is not what makes it different from other models.  According to reports, what made this very high volume of sales possible is the comfort and lack of pretense this model serves to the new owners.

The 2012 Honda Civic also has an amazing chassis which is designed to provide driving enjoyment to owner and passenger. In addition, it provides better security and comfort. Most compact sedans are not fun to drive but Honda Civic is and this separates this model from the rest.  The reason behind this driving convenience is Honda’s unique strut front and multi-link rear suspension systems together with Motion-Adaptive Electric Power Steering for excellent steering performance.

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