Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Car Models “Must See”

2013 Ford Focus ST

The new 2013 Ford Focus ST is about to be launched in early 2012 in the US. It has a 2.0L, 160hp motor, direct injected, valve timing, and a 6-speed manual transmission.  The six-speed manual has EcoBoost(turbocharged) 2.0L which is much larger compared to Edge and Explorer.  Another good feature is the tauter suspension and métier tires together with bigger brakes along with the horsepower. This model is estimated to cost around $25,000.

2013 Mitsubishi Evo XI

The 2013 Mitsubishi Evo XI (Lancer Evolution) is also expected to go green. It will run like the previously launched brand-new electric and gas-electric -hybrid which all aimed at meeting global emissions standards. The concept of this car does not only focus on just getting high performance but also use some of the technology which is present in the forthcoming i-MiEV electric city and wed it to either a turbodiesel or a gas motor.  It is expected to run fast and smoothly on highways by just using battery along or it’s exceptional feature which is the output of combined gas/electric power. Lastly, it is larger and more refined that can compete with its rival, Audi.

More ford and mitsubishi parts information in the future.


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