Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2011 Lexus CT200h Premium

 It’s more than a decade since the launch of Toyota Prius. Now, Lexus builds another car which is almost the same as Toyota Prius. The 2011 CT 200h crossover provides the car driver with luxury features and performance aside from better fuel-economy. The question is, will this model take away Prius sales or Toyota will be able to attract new customers with this luxury vehicle?

Lexus is reaching out to Gen X and Gen Y buyers who are looking for a fun vehicle but at the same time, environmentally friendly. Aside from being a green vehicle model, it also provides spirited performance.
The only problem is though it may look like fun to drive compared to Prius, it has a sluggish acceleration behind the wheel. It also goes from 0-60mph in 9.8 seconds which is exactly the same as Prius. Though it has a sluggish acceleration, it offers a multiple driving modes that include Normal, Eco, Sport, and EV. Transition from electric power to gasoline engine is smooth and the color will change according to the selected mode if the driver will use change mode.

Conclusion: If the consumer is looking for a car that will help the environment and give a luxurious feeling together with superior fuel economy, this is the right car.

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