Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Toyota Aqua Concept

The new Aqua concept will be introduced at Tokyo Auto Show. This new concept car will be called “Prius C”.

Toyota Aqua a.k.a “Toyota Prius C” is a compact 4 door car with a 4-seater, and a hatchback. It has a new and smaller version of Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive system.  This Prius is more compact and affordable compared to previous version of Prius.  It has 50mpg which makes it fuel efficient in American model and reports stated that the Japanese model gets 80mpg or better efficiency.

When it comes to its size, it’s almost identical to that of Toyota Yaris with 100 inch of wheelbase and 157.9 inch overall length. This model is smaller than 2012 Honda Insight. The only drawback of this compact car is the engine size. Toyota Prius C has 1.5L four cylinder-engine which is smaller compared to 1.8L engine of other Prius models. This small engine is the reason why it’s a bit fuel efficient but at the same time, it also makes the horsepower of the car lesser. Car enthusiast will have to see if this difference will affect the acceleration.

As a conclusion, we could consider this model a Compact type which will fit into crowded cities. The hatchback style rear end is taller than normal Prius which will give an improved visibility out the rear window. 

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