Saturday, March 17, 2012

Gas tank problem

Some of the problem with gas tank is the overall construction of it. These over sized liquid container are more complicated than most people realize. And where the gas tank doesn’t accept gas fast enough and pump nozzle turns off while filling it. Sometimes we think that we don’t have to worry about our gas tank. And in most cases they consider it safe because this car part is well constructed and engineered for the safety and great performance. One of the biggest car manufacturers announced that they are going to change or replace their gas tank retaining strap on their following trucks because of heavy rusting. They don’t want the place of the gas tank especially when the vehicle is on the road and it is the one that is starting to hit the road. Though I haven’t heard of any accident about it it’s still for the safety of the passengers and the driver. Sometimes gas tank problems are self inflicted. Like over powering gas smell. You can call your local dealer about it and ask them if your vehicle is included in the gas tank strap recall.


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