Monday, March 19, 2012

2012 Honda CRV

Another great new from Honda, They upgraded again their Honda CRV. Honda has the smallest SUV and it is the Honda CRV. The engine and transmission are complete hold-over from its previous generation. Honda is making more efficient engines by being environmentally friendly.

Is it a positive move for Honda, they upgrade the car and put Bluetooth phone system that can receive text messages, the only problem is text message integration only works with a few phones. They also put Pandora integration with the stereo, And colorful LCD at the dashboard. They also got the idea on their fit; they make a fold flat rear seat system into their crv that works at the pull of a lever. 

Honda CRV 2012 is very practical and easy to drive; it shows off a few tech highlights, but mostly content to rest on its laurel. Honda CRV is an excellent example of a modern car. Although it’s an SUV, it’s not like a truck or a jeep. It’s all wheel drive and decent that makes it suitable for snow and slight off road conditions. Honda CRV has an upgraded version of navigation system. It really shows useful information.

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