Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saab Parts

Many people are talking about the bankruptcy of saab.  That’s why saab now has some contract in their engine with some other car manufacturers. But Saab Parts has a good quality and maybe the reason behind the bankruptcy is the low sales of their vehicle. I don’t know if they’re still making or producing saab cars now a days, but I know that they are still making parts for it because of the few saab owners. Saab really make a nice car and great performance but it’s expensive people can’t afford it.  And also the saab parts as well. Aside from the prices, saab parts are hard to find. Some saab owners buying used parts for their cars. And some of them just stock their cars into the garage and just leave it vintage and hoping that vintage collectors will buy it. I previously own a saab, and I already part it out and sell the parts, then the body of the car was just stocked at my garage. For some purposes Im also waiting for a vintage car collector and sell it.


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