Saturday, April 14, 2012

Power Antenna

Many people are asking if it is ok to replace OEM PowerAntenna with the universal power antenna. Some of them really do fit but some cars still don’t.  Your replacement power antenna should be the same power antenna you had with your unit. You can have universal power antenna but the OEM is a god choice. We can find or buy OEM into our local dealer or better ask mechanic for it. But if you want to have universal, you can find it in some online store or eBay. I know there’s only a bit difference with the price of universal and original. But of course, original part was made with high quality compared to universal power antenna. Aside from that, having the original and came from the dealer, you’re assure that you can have warranty and the part really last long.  Universal power antenna really works well.  Even if it’s not branded, it still has the quality you won’t regret. But not all universal power antennas really fit your vehicle. It still up to what brand make and model your vehicle is.


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