Saturday, April 21, 2012

How to replace fuel level sending unit

How to replace FUEL LEVEL SENDINGUNIT (OR FUEL PUMP): With the car high up on jacks, and the tank nearly empty, release the pressure on the fuel pump by opening the fuel cap and unplugging the inertia switch. Under the car, you will see the fuel tank attached to the trunk pan with straps. On the front of the tank, you will see the fuel lines and electrical connector attached to the pump. To disconnect the fuel lines, you will need a duckbill. Check your fuel lines because it can break easily. Next, you will need a brass punch and rubber mallet to remove the fuel pump retaining ring.  Put the brass punch against one of the three tabs and hammer it counter clockwise. It should spin pretty easily and come loose. Then, Remove the ring and work the fuel pump out. You can test the fuel level sending unit again, on the workbench to verify it is broken. With the sending unit running $50-60, and a whole fuel pump (including sending unit) running $100-120, it's probably worthwhile to go ahead and change the whole pump at the same time. If you re-use the fuel pump be sure to clean the screen before you put it all back together. A dirty screen will equal a new fuel pump in a month. Replace the fuel pump by reversing the procedure.


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