Saturday, April 14, 2012

How to replace Rod bearings?

Many of us want to know to replace any parts of our car. So some of us reading some DIY’s for us to help ourselves and to save money also for the repair and of course to learn.
So here is one of DIY’s from ehow.
How to replace Rod bearings?
First is to Remove the connecting rods from the pistons and crankshaft, if they are not already out. The rod's "big ends" (the larger end) are bolted to the crank with two bolts that hold the end cap on. The "small end" is held onto the wrist pin. The wrist pin is held onto the piston with two circlips. And then Remove these clips and slide the wrist pin out of the piston and the end of the rod. This should free the rod.
Next is Remove the old bearings. You can use a screwdriver and a hammer to GENTLY tap out the old bearings. Tap on the edge of the bearing where it meets the end cap and vice-versa. Do not tap the bearing out from the side.
I hope that this DIY really helps a lot. 


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