Saturday, April 28, 2012

Jaguar XK Convertiblr

People are asking if Jaguar will upgrade Jaguar Parts on their XK Convertible. The cars really look good, but let’s admit it that it need some upgrade.
Well, it’s been two years since they launched it and as of now the XK Convertible are getting sales even having the same high price since it was launched.
They said that they will upgrade it especially the interior. There will be gorgeous faux suede on the A-pillars and windshield header, a terrific 525-watt Bowers & Wilkins audio system, and the very cool Jaguar Drive selector knob with a starter button on the center. But more than simply boasting new content, the whole interior feels better. It feels more finely crafted, more pleasing to the touch —; the leather, the wood, the chrome, the plastic, all of it. In other words, it feels (at last) worthy of its not-insubstantial sticker price. And under the hood, it gets even better. The engine is the biggest change for 2010. Jaguar claims the standard XK is good for 22 mph in the Interstate. The engine is smooth, sweet-sounding, and never less than completely willing.
I really do hope to have this one. :)


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