Saturday, April 21, 2012

What is window regulator?

What is window regulator? We have two different types of doors. We have manual doors and electrical doors, or electrical driven doors. Either way the window regulators are the same, they are either driven with a crank or with a motor through a switch. Some people called it track assemblies, window assemblies. Window regulator is basically the assembly. Now, how hard it is to replace a broken window regulator? This is not that really hard you just need to know or to check what window regulator parts are need to be replace or has a problem. Or if you don’t want to DIY it you can bring it to an auto mechanic so that they are the one who will fix it but you have to pay them so sit still much better to DIY. The common symptoms of a broken window regulator is a failing door window regulator can cause a window not to open or close. The window could also make a lot of noise or stick intermittently. Lastly, the window glass might drop inside the door. You can search for some DIY’s over the internet to know how because its depend on what vehicle you have.


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